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Glenfiddich Rich Oak

Glenfiddich is the world’s best selling whisky. It is now a five generation family company that dates back to 1887. Their whiskies are considered to be some of the most exceptional and unfailing in the world, and as such, they have … Continue reading

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Old Pogue

Old Pogue is a Kentucky distillery who’s history dates back to just after the civil war. They prominently feature their place in the colorful history of American whiskey on their website. It’s an interesting read for any history or whiskey … Continue reading

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Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace is a 200 year old American whiskey maker who’s product has won countless awards. From their unique specialty whiskies, to their flagship archetypal Kentucky straight bourbon, Buffalo Trace is to date, the world’s most decorated distillery. BWG’s new … Continue reading

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The Laddie 10

As previously stated, Bruichladdich is one of BWG’s favorite distilleries and over the last year we began the long and costly endeavor of collecting the bottles in their extremely vast and ever-changing line of whiskies. This is partly due to … Continue reading

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Glenmorangie Ealanta

Glenmorangie is a highland distillery with a wide range of whiskies. They tout their uniqueness behind having the tallest stills in Scotland, which are said to create a very light, ethereal and delicate whisky. They are also one of the first … Continue reading

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Lockhouse Distillery

Since learning that Buffalo would soon have its first working distillery since prohibition -and that we’d soon be able to enjoy spirits and whiskey made in our own hometown, BWG has been overflowing with joy. Lockhouse Distillery is located off … Continue reading

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BWG June Tasting Event – Talisker

This past weekend BWG held a Talisker tasting event. We sampled and reviewed three different whiskies from their available line up. Talisker is a remote distillery on the Isle of Skye. Since 1830 Talisker has been revered as consistently producing … Continue reading

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Compass Box Great King Street

In doing research about blended scotch whiskies we stumbled across this beautiful label belonging to a recently founded distillery called Compass Box Whisky Co. This specialist scotch whisky maker was founded in 2000 by American ex-wine pro, John Glaser. The Compass … Continue reading

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BWG Whiskey Tasting Events

Last month BWG held its first whiskey tasting event at the local downtown hot spot, Hotel Lafayette. The mezzanine in the Pan American was an excellent place to sample and compare The Dalmore 12, Bruichladdich 10 and Bruichladdich Peat.Attendees whiskey preferences … Continue reading

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Bruichladdich – Progressive Hebridean Distillers

Just last week, BWG was featured on Bruichladdich’s website in a news article highlighting whisky aficionados and groups who have an enthusiastic social media presence. It praised those who tout and take pride in their local products and services. “We need … Continue reading

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