The Buffalo Whiskey Guild is passionate about teaming up with bars and restaurants looking to bolster their whiskey selection. We work with owners and managers on a variety of whiskey knowledge and education tactics for their business that includes:

– Staff training on customer interaction and whiskey sales.                                                        – Stocking, featuring and learning the various kinds, types and regions of whiskey.             – Whiskey display and highlight techniques.
– Proper serving and presentation techniques.
– Whiskey and food pairings.

If you, or your business is interested in working with BWG, please contact us at:

2 Responses to Consulting

  1. I am wondering if you would be interested in a “single barrel tasting/selection” we are having for our store? We did this before for our 10 year commemorative bottling that corresponded to our 10 year store anniversary and it was a hit, we sold 27 cases and now have customers asking when we are bottling another barrel. We have some barrel samples which were sent to us from Heaven Hill and have offered the opportunity to some of our customers. I understand you work with Gates Circle but we are in no direct competition with them at all. I just was interested in your opinion and if you would be interested in this new barrel journey with us? We will be doing the sampling in our store on Tuesday April 1st at 5pm if you are interested. I hope you join us, I have read your page and find the information very educational and informative. Thank you again for considering this offer. Cordially Yours, 1460 French Road, Depew, NY 14043

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