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The Classic Mint Julep

When the Kentucky Derby approaches each year, BWG always takes the opportunity to partake in the obligatory consumption of whiskey via the Kentucky Derby’s official drink, The Mint Julep. Most often we construct our mint juleps with Woodford Reserve bourbon. However, to spice … Continue reading

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The Classic Dry Gin Martini

For BWG, a great cocktail that is light on feel and weight and looks as if it fits the bright colors of the spring and summer seasons is the classic, dry gin martini. Most cocktails have dozens of variations and … Continue reading

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The Classic Bourbon Manhattan

When it comes to whiskey cocktails, the manhattan is the tried and true old timer. The staple that’s been around forever, doesn’t change much, but delivers the goods every time. We love this simple rendition where the high grade ingredients … Continue reading

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Bourbon Eggnog

With the mountain of booze laced eggnog recipes out there, BWG takes the simple road toward helping you decide what kind of eggnog to serve at your next holiday party. First things first – Bourbon is the best pairing for … Continue reading

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Spiced Bourbon Hot Cider

This simple, inexpensive and deliciously dangerous seasonal refreshment is a perfect autumn, or holiday party libation that will certainly please the masses… Ingredients: 1 bottle bourbon, 2 gallons apple cider, 4 sweet apples, 10 cinnamon sticks, 10 peppercorns, 1 tsp. of … Continue reading

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Summer Whisky Cocktail

The Mamie Taylor cocktail is a delicious thirst quenching whisky drink that’s easy to make and simple enough for any home bar. Allegedly, this drink was created for a famous turn of the 20th century opera singer of the same … Continue reading

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Whiskey Cocktails Done Right

This video, via Buffalo Spree Magazine, showcases a popular local restaurant that specializes in original cocktails – many of which use whiskey as their primary ingredient. Next time your in the Village, stop by Vera’s Pizzeria.

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