Local Pride

Folks from Buffalo, including BWG, tend to gravitate toward all things local. From local sports teams, to local historical landmarks. From Buffalo’s unique geographical sights, to its locally famous restaurants and bars, Buffalonians are very proud their small corner of New York state. Buffalo is corporate-america hell, where the most beloved places and things are all homegrown, especially when it comes to food and drink. Krispy Kreme couldn’t cut it here, but Paula’s Doughnuts are everybody’s favorite. We have Five Guys and Starbucks, but would much rather make a trip to Grover’s and Spot Coffee – and Buffalo Wild Wings are on no one’s list of “best wings.” There are virtually no chain bars and the most popular restaurants are all unique local establishments.

The local craft beer scene has been exploding over the past few years and continues to grow. The quality and quantity of specialty cocktail bars has been growing as well. Buffalo also sports some of the biggest liquor stores in the state. This recent social leaning in combination with the inherent local pride has lent to the formation of the Buffalo Whiskey Guild. We believe that despite its lack of population, compared to other North East cities, Buffalo has the capacity to become a known whiskey hot spot. A place between NYC and Chicago that can, at the very least, knock on the door of those city’s whiskey scenes. Part of what the Buffalo Whiskey Guild is designed to do is introduce and stabilize a strong whiskey culture in Buffalo. We are passionate about bringing the world of whiskey to this fantastic area and that goal will continue to be a large part our mission until it is realized.


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