Bruichladdich 17 Rum Cask

IMG_2070At BWG we concur that rum finished scotch is a seasonally appropriate choice when it comes to summertime whiskeys. A short time ago we reviewed The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 year old and compared it to the Bruichladdich 17 year old Rum Cask. We thoroughly enjoyed both (click here to read that post). The Bruichladdich starts will an a-typical oaky caramel nose, but quickly follows with that quintessential Bruichladdich brined salty peaty-ness that we love. This mix of caramel, vanilla, salt and peat battles further on your palate. Also joining the fray, is a spicy rum flavor imparted by the two year rum cask finishing. Its full, spicy mouth feel is long an warm. In comparison to The Balvenie, the complexity of this 17 year old’s flavor is superior. Our only reservation is the price tag. $100 is a bit steep, especially considering there are other similar rum cask whiskeys on the market for much less. The Bruichladdich is $40-$45 more than The Balvenie. However, we promise you will not be disappointed with this purchase, just more selective in choosing how often to pour it… Locally available. Rating 92/100.   

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