Glenfiddich Rich Oak

IMG_3006Glenfiddich is the world’s best selling whisky. It is now a five generation family company that dates back to 1887. Their whiskies are considered to be some of the most exceptional and unfailing in the world, and as such, they have produced the most award winning single malts to date. Rich Oak is a 14 year old scotch, aged in new Spanish and new American oak casks. It has a deep golden color that pours with an oily thickness. As it’s name suggests, wood and oak are the dominant flavors here. The nose is a pleasant mix of smooth oak, spicy cedar and a peppery orange marmalade. The palate simplifies itself by featuring less spice and fruit and more oak. The finish lingers in an annoyingly warm, syrupy fashion. From flavor, to complexity, this single malt peaks at the nose and steadily descends from their.  We obtained the Glenfiddich Rich Oak via the local Duty Free shops on the US/Canadian border for $50. Rating: 84/100.

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