Imperial Stout Trooper

storm_trooperRecently BWG came across this memorable looking bottle from New England Brewing Company. Purely by its label alone, we couldn’t resist the urge to purchase it. We’ve only had one or two brews from this small Woodbridge Ct. brewery, namely their famous, highly rated and delicious Gandhi Bot double IPA, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We popped open this imperial stout after dinner as we readied ourselves for dessert. It pours jet black with an off white, almost beige head. Wonderful aromas of roasted chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut bandy about on the nose. The palate is a silky mix of bitter/sweet chocolate and espresso with a nice, creamy, malty note that continues on the finish. The Imperial Stout Trooper is a great dessert style beer that works excellently by itself, but would also pair very well with something like a mint chocolate cheese cake or a chocolate, caramel, raspberry ice cream dessert. Locally available at the Village Beer Merchant for $8 per 24 oz. bottle. Rating: 92/100.

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