Breckenridge Bourbon

breck_1Breckenridge Bourbon is a uniquely crafted bourbon via Colorado that has been steadily growing on BWG since the first time we sampled it. It’s created out of a blend of 56% corn, 38% rye and 6% barley and is aged in new american oak barrels for 2-3 years. We like that this bourbon has a completely different look, feel, smell and taste than most of the archetypical Kentucky made bourbons. On the pour, it has a straight caramel color. The nose doesn’t scream bourbon with the usual vanilla, maple and oak, but roundly wafts notes of buttery sweet corn, cinnamon and spice. The texture is medium-thin but maintains a creamy mouth feel throughout. Because of the rye-heavy mash used to make this whiskey, it has a spicier palate than most bourbons at around the same abv. Those spicy flavors include graham crackers, peppercorn, vanilla glazed doughnuts, oak and a deliciously building cinnamon fireball kick that lasts long into the finish. If your looking for a different bourbon to sip on, or to change up some traditional whiskey cocktails for fun, Breckenridge Bourbon is an easy buy. Locally available at Gates Circle Liquors for $49. Rating: 90/100.

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