Kinnickinnic Whiskey

kinnGreat Lakes Distillery from Milwaukee offers an assortment of different small-batch craft spirits. Everything from vodka, to grappa, to gin, to an American blended whiskey, uniquely named Kinnickinnick. Kinnickinnick’s unique name means “what is mixed.” The product description openly states that it’s a blend of sourced straight bourbon and a malt whiskey and a rye whiskey they produce in house. Kinnickinnick has a light, grainy, malty-sweet nose. There is an underlying char and just a touch of chocolate. The palate has an oaky feel, with autumn spices and vanilla oatmeal. The finish is warm, oaky and grassy. It dissipates quickly, which matches its thin texture. Kinnickinnick would be a good mixing whiskey and has a nice, easy going nature to it. None of the flavors in this whiskey knock your socks off and it’s not what we would consider complex – but it’s a pleasant whiskey all the same. Locally available at Gates Circle Liquors for $41. Rating: 85/100.


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