Glenmorangie Ealanta

IMG_2460Glenmorangie is a highland distillery with a wide range of whiskies. They tout their uniqueness behind having the tallest stills in Scotland, which are said to create a very light, ethereal and delicate whisky. They are also one of the first distilleries to use extra maturation in creating their whiskies. Glenmorangie Ealanta is a 19 year old whisky fully matured in virgin American white oak casks that have been hand selected from the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. This single malt scotch is very light and soft, as the Glenmorangie website attests. Fruit is the dominant character here, through and through. Honey, orange and lavender on the nose. An orange minty spice underlays bananas and peaches on the palate. It has a lasting, refreshing fruity vanilla finish. This is a very good, well composed whiskey, with our only gripes being its lack of flavor diversity and the price tag. There are just a few too many whiskies out there that are on par with the Ealanta, at only half the price. Locally available for $100. Rating: 89/100


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